Saturday, 20 August 2016

Figs and Rose Syrup Ice Cream with Sesame Brittle

My plans for today included making ice cream. I bought some ripe small bananas to prepare them as ice cream, but on the way into the house I saw a lot of ripe figs hanging from my tree in front of the house. I had to harvest the figs, the rain was coming and I did not wanted to loose them.
I changed plans and figs went into the ice cream.
I have a jar of rose syrup that goes great with the figs, it reduces the amount of sugar you  have to put into the ice cream.

500 ml milk
200 ml double cream
30 ml rose syrup
1/2 lime
5 figs
4 egg yolks
1 pinch ground vanilla pod
10 tsp brown sugar
2 tsp vanilla sugar
2 tsp salted butter
2 tsp sesame

clean the figs, top and tail them and quarter them, chuck them into a blender with the rose syrup and give them a good blitz.

it is important to use a fine sieve

Mix the egg yolks with 5 tsp sugar and vanilla sugar, heat up milk and double cream and add it to the eggs whisking constantly. Get that back into the pot and heat it up until you have a cream. Get the fig mix in and in a huge bowl of cold water, cool the mix down.
Use a very fine sieve and pour the mixture through. Get all the pips and skin out.
In an ice cream maker it will take about an hour, or freeze it in the freezer the regular way.

Heat the 5 tsp of brown sugar in the pan, when it is really dark add the butter and pour it on a silicon mat and sprinkle with sesame.

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