Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Pa amb Tomàquet - Tomatobread

In the area of Barcelona and on the island of Mallorca you can find this roasted bread with fresh rubbed on tomatoes. When you are lucky you get some Chorizo or Serano ham or Manchego cheese to go with it.
It was originally a the dish for the poor.

I used a fresh baked Foccacia bread and put a little olive oil on one side and layed that on the BBQ for 3 minutes.

When the bread is a little cooled of, take a ripe tomato and cut it on one side and start rubbing it over the bread. Some rub the bread with garlic first but that depends on your mood.
I cut some Chorizo to top the bread with.

As a side we ate a piece of a ox heart tomato and scooped out the wet bit, filled it with some green and yellow tiny tomatoes, some onion rings and fresh made (homemade) cheese. Topped with some smoked sea salt and a bit of tomato oil and black pepper.

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