Friday, 5 August 2016

Blueberry Soup with floating Island

This is a soup I remember from summer holidays at my Grandmother´s house.
During that time we all went out into the forest and picked wild blueberries. The ones not been eaten at once, went into 2 or 3 huge milk cans about 2 liters and was carried home.
Grandma made some jam and on Sunday for dessert the blueberry soup.

It is best not to cold, so store it in the fridge over night but pull it out and set it on the counter for about 1 hour minimum. The floating islands are a quick way to use up some leftover egg whites.

recipe for 4:
500 g blueberries
250 ml apple juice
1 pinch blueberry salt (or any other salt)
1 lime zest and juice
45 g sugar
1 tsp corn starch in a bit of water
20 g icing sugar
1 egg white
1 tsp sugar

Zest the lime and get the juice out.
Heat up the apple juice with the lime juice and the sugar and add 450 g blueberries.
Cook them for 6 min until all berries are popped.

Use a stand mixer and give them a good blitz. Pour them through a sieve back into the pot.
Bring back up to heat and put the starch in and cook it out. Fill into a jug and let it cool down.

Before you serve it, heat a little water in a pot with a tsp of sugar.
Whisk the egg white, add the icing sugar and make it stiff again.
With 2 spoons form quenelles and cook them 1-2 min on medium heat, turn halfway.

Fill the blueberries soup into cups, add some fresh berries, set a quenelle on top and add the lime zest.

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