Sunday, 21 August 2016

Spanish Tomato Cocktail

When you have a good friend who is collecting tomato seeds - now about over 420 -  and planting over 80 plants each year, you get lots of great ideas what to do with an abundance of tomatoes. She gave me 7 plants with strange names to harvest seeds for her, because seeds normally stay fertile around 5 years, then you have to grow tomatoes again and harvest new seeds. The tomatoes from this 7 plants are mine to enjoy. I have counted 48 tomatoes on one single plant, then I stopped counting the others :-(

Now for the cocktail, yellow tomatoes are a strange to make tomato sauce with, so I needed something different to prepare with them. And as a cocktail before a tomato meal, they are delicious.

5 medium size yellow tomatoes  - about 200 ml liquid
25 ml Cuarenta y tres Liqueur
3 lemon- sugar water ice cubes

Top them with a piece of red tomato that is soaked in lavender vanilla syrup for a while.

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