Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Fig Dessert Greek Style

This morning I walked out of the house and looked at my fig tree, walked back in and fetched a bowl and harvested figs. Eating some fresh off the tree is lovely but eating to much is not such a good idea.

I needed an idea to make them into a dessert and went through my cookbooks. In a Greek one I found an idea.
All ingredients on hand? checked!

6 ripe figs
2 tbsp coconut flower syrup
1/2 lime juice and zest
1 cinnamon stick
1 good pinch of saffron
250 ml water
300 g Greek yogurt
2 tbsp sweet coconut crisps

Cook the syrup for 15 minutes, then dump the figs in. Depending how ripe they are, they need just a short time to get done.
Get them out to cool down and reduce the syrup a bit longer, cool it down too.
Arange the figs on top of the yogurt and sprinkle some coconut crisps on top.

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