Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Lemon Lime Chicken Chili Breast

This is a Sunday dish to serve a family, it is easy to prepare the different components at different times and just bring them together before you get them onto the table.

The potatoes are like German Bratkartoffeln, but prepared in a different way. Jut cut them after they have been peeled and place them onto baking paper, season with salt and pepper and brush them wi
th oil and at 180 C bake them in the oven. Just don´t overlapp them, they have to be placed individually. Maybe you will need to baking sheets and bake them on sheet after the other. You can make that ahead and let them cool down.  Later, when onions and ham are cooked, just place them into the oven to reheat.

As a salad, cucumber goes great with it. Just grate the cucumber with the skin on a mandoline into very thin slices, get some salt on them and let them sit for 20 minutes, then drain most of the water.
Lots of fresh herbs and a great dressing make a refreshing salad.

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