Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Peas and Beef Stew

A homey feeling is coming up when there is this stew on the table. I saw fresh peas in the supermarket and had the idea for it. Many use frozen peas, no problem, but the cooking time is different then.
Shelling fresh peas reminds me of a holiday I spent in Finnland some years ago. Fresh peas where on every market stand and bought by the pound. And the people ate them like snack food. I walked through downtowm Turku and along the river, near park benches pea shells were lying around. On benches in car parks and on lakesides, pea shells were everywhere. I got used to it and had my fair share of peas.

800g  slice of beef shank with bone marrow in the middle
1 spring onion
3 cloves of garlic
1 carrot
2 stalks of celery
15 cm leek
some parsley stalks
2 bay leaves
2 liter of water
1 tbsp peppercorns
1 small chili
1 stalk of lovage
1 stalk rosemary

Simmer that for 70 minutes - get the beef out and cool that a bit to handle it. Get the bones and other unedible parts off and cut the beef into small cubes. For the stew, you will need about a liter of broth, so fill the rest into a jar and store it in the fridge for further use, or freeze it.

1 carrot
1/4 celeriac
200 g fresh peas
2 potatoes
1 cauliflower floret
salt and pepper

Chop the veggies into small cubes, add the meat, the veggies and the peas to the broth.  Bring it back to boil and cook until the potatoes and the rest is done. Some parsley on top and dive in.

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