Monday, 11 July 2016

Goatcheese Avocado Cream

I needed something smooth to eat with toasted sweet potato slices and some crunchy bread. I had a ripe avocado in my salad drawer, a cucumber and some dill and coriander. I made some Guac last week, I was looking for something else to try.

I bought my new kitchen helper last week and now I am busy to get the handling of it. But it is going well and not so much difference to the one I had before.

I found some Bulgarian goatcheese in feta style in the fridge, it has a very long shelf life so it went somewhere into the depth of the fridge. All these ingredients together made a great cream to spread on warm sweet potato and bread.

1 cucumber
1 bunch of fresh dill
1 avocado
200 g goatcheese feta
50 ml double cream
1/2 clove of garlic
some garlic powder
some onion powder
salt and pepper
sweet potato
crunchy bread
some coriander leaves

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