Friday, 22 April 2016

Pork and Swede open faced Sandwich

A piece of bread with a heaped mount of veggies, chutney and pork steak and lots of blue cheese.
My frieds grows tomatoes by the truck load and comes up with several different ways to prepare them. She gave me a mason jar filled with a yellow tomato, apple and onion chutney.
I had a swede left over from my veggie bake and had to use it and I bought a pepper pork steak.
My self baked bread from last Monday had some slices left, so a combination of all was a good choice for a meal.
open faced sandwich

1/2 jar of yellow tomato onion and apple chutney
2 door step slices of spelt onion and anise seed bread
1 pepper pork steak
1 swede
50 g blue cheese
olive oil
salt and pepper
50 ml Bourbon
a couple of rocket leaves

Cut the veggies and start them in a pan with some olive oil, when they get some colour, season and add the Bourbon and put a lid on top of the pan. Takes about 3 more minutes. Slice the cheese and put it on top the veggies and close the lid again.

In a bigger pan, heat a bit of oil and sear the steak on both sides and cook it through. Add a bit more oil to the pan and get the bread slices in and brown them on both sides.

Place a huge amount of chutney on top the hot bread, divide the veggie-cheese mixture on both slices and cut up the steak an make a topping out of it.
Garnish with some rocket leaves.

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