Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Wood Garlic Pasta and Asparagus

Coming home from a vacation trip always leads me to shop for seasonal local products and start cooking something to make me feel at home again.

In the middle of April here in Germany starts the white asparagus season. Little selling huts are all over towns, along roads and inside supermarkets. Buying the white gold, as it is called here, a local source is important to me. I am living surrounded by asparagus fields, because the soil in the Rhine basin is mostly sand.
An other food I am waiting for is the arrival of the wood garlic. You can smell it in many places when you walk through the surroundings forests, but buying it from a local farmer makes more sense, since the wood garlic in the forest is protected.
Combining both makes a great dish and eating something vegetarian is a good idea too.

Making a pesto from wood garlic is a good way to conserve the green leafs. Putting it over pasta is a great way to eat it.

recipe for the pesto:
50 g wood garlic leafs
30 g pine nuts
25 g pecorino
a pinch of pepper
50 ml olive oil
put everything into a blender and mix until smooth

soften the onions first, then add the bread
as an asparagus and pasta topping use some fresh corn bread and some spring onions
3 spring onions
100 g fresh corn bread cut into small chunks
2 tbsp butter
salt and pepper

cook some Paglia e Fieno pasta - a green and yellow pasta mix
Paglia e Fieno
recipe for the white asparagus:
1, 5 l salted, sugared and buttered water
500 g peeled white asparagus
cook it for 7 min.

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