Friday, 15 April 2016

Rice Paper and Panko Fish

Making experiments in the kitchen is always a wonderful way to come up with ideas and flavour combinations.

I bought some wolfsfish yesterday, that is a fish that has a firm flesh and doesn`t fall apart, when you handle it. I grated some cucumber, radishes and daikon. I watched a YT video from Alex French Guy Cooking yesterday and he prepared a lot of things with the rice paper. Having it sitting in my Asian cupboard for a while, I wanted to make the best out of it.
Pok Choy goes with fish and spring onions are a good veg to go with it too.

A dipping sauce is a must too.

200 g Wolfsfish
1 pok choy
100 g cooked cool rice
2 spring onions
1/2 red chili
50 g grated cucumber
50 g grated daikon raddish
50 g grated red raddishes
coconut oil
1 egg
3 tbsp flour
frying oil
salt pepper cayenne
chili sauce sweet and sour
soy sauce
coat the fish in flour egg and panko and bake it in some coconut oil until done

soften the pak choy and the spring onions in some oil

soften the rice paper in some wet kitchen towl

                                    fill it up and start folding the spring roll without to much air inside

make the dipping sauce and heat up the fryer 180 C to make golden brown spring rolls

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