Sunday, 17 April 2016

Wood Garlic Bread

A Sunday cooking with friends again, always much fun and a good way to test new recipes. Everybody can have input and is active in developing something new. The time runs on this Sunday mornings and suddenly you sit with fríends and family around the table to enjoy your work.

It is the time of the year were wood garlic is in full season, so why  not use it to flavour a bread.
Try it, I can really recommend it.

200 g flour
50 g semolina
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1 heaped tsp mustard medium hot
45 g Parmesan
30 g fine chopped wood garlic
20 g fresh yeast
70 ml milk
70 ml water
rapeseed oil warmed with vanilla seeds and crushed juniper berries

Sieve the dry ingredients into a mixer bowl, add the grated Parmesan and the mustard.
In a pot heat up the milk hand warm and dissolve the yeast in it, add the chopped wood garlic so you get some green tinge to the liquid.
Pour it into then dry ingredients and start with a dough hook and knead for 6 min. Maybe add a little more liquid if needed.
Put the dough in a bowl in a warm place and let it rise 35-40 min.
On a floured surface, knead it again, then cut it into 2 pieces.

Make them flat and round and take a pizza cutter and start from the middle to  cut a star in the dough, don't cut through to the outside. Take a little kitchen knife and separate the star bits and fold them over the edge.
Use some of the oil- without the seeds and berries and brush some of it on top.

Bake at 200 C 25 min, then stick a wooden spoon into the door and bake 10 more min.

Eat with salted butter and serve it with something to nibble on- we had some coated and fried Saumagen to go with it. A specialty from south west Germany.

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