Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Liver dumpling soup

Several years ago someone gave me an old cookbook. It was printed 1920. The recipes were written in old German skript. I have problems reading it, so my Dad helped me. All the recipes need a lot of time, when made the way they were written.  Kitchen helpers of the electric kind were not available. But working in the modern way, it is easier.

Liver dumpling soup

My favorite recipe from the book us a soup with liver and some rice. The liver today goes through an electric blender. Former cut by hand and pressed through a sieve.
A quick meal, when you have leftover rice and some frozen veggies. A jar of beef broth or some beef stock cubes are a great base.

200 g liver (beef,pork or chicken)
1 l beef stock
150 g mixed frozen veggies such as carrot, leek and celery
1 tbsp parsley
120  g cooked rice

Use a blender and make a liquid mixture from the liver. In a pot heat the broth with the veggies and cook it for 5 min. Get the heat up and drizzle the liver into the broth. Cook it for 3 min and get the rice in. Add some parsley.

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