Friday, 29 April 2016

Asparagus Fusion Style

Do not say - No, not asparagus again!

Asian inspired rice noodle soup
There are so many different ways- traditional or wacky - to use this veggie, and I will show more ways to prepare it over the next few weeks.
Remember- the season ends here in Germany on St.John´s Day the 24th of June. And I intend to eat asparagus as much as I can stand it.

I had left 3 mason jars with broth from out Sunday feast and that broth is somehow special. May be because we cooked a huge amount of spare ribs in it to get them done before putting them on the grill, used that water with added salt and sugar and some butter then to cook all the peel and trimmings of the white asparagus stalks, then cooked the white and the green asparagus in it. That is flavour enhancing.

Today I used that leftover goodness and cooked more green and white asparagus it it, then a lot of wide rice noodles, then I added some chicken stock cube and some pepper and had a great base for my Asian style soup. I love a good Ramen!

Each of this huge bowls of goodness need some greens and some topping.
I had some spring onions and spring greens left.
The tempura is a wonderful way to coat any kind of fish or veggie, so I made a dough mix from ice cold non alcoholic grapefruit/wheat beer and some dashi stock and put a couple of pieces of fresh Pollock fillet through it and into the deep fat fryer for just a couple of minutes.

A wonderful fusion soup.

a asparagus based broth
1 chicken stock cube
250 g  white and green asparagus
125 g flat wide rice noodles
2 spring onions
some spring greens
100 g tempura flour
1/2 stick of dashi powder
200 ml grapefruit wheat beer
salt and pepper
200 g Pollock fillet

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