Monday, 6 February 2017

Getting rid of stale sweet breads or stale sponge cakes

This is something I remembered yesterday. When I was a kid and my Mom had some leftover crumbly stale cake or vanilla sponges, she did not throw them away but made a big pot of hot chocolate pudding. We all ripped pieces of sweet bread or cakes to shreds and poured the hot pudding over them.

I had some sweet yeasty Pretzel left, I had only eaten half of it. It would have been a pity to throw it away but I am not a huge fan of bread puddings.
I used some years before pieces of these Pretzels to make a Trifle, but I was not looking for a massive dessert.

Gloopy hot chocolate pudding and the sweet bread were an absolut treat, I can truly recommend.

Chocolate pudding powder is available here in Germany for decades. Now it is improved and enriched and can easily be compared to homemade chocolate pudding. I used a bag myself.

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