Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Shrimp filled Plaice

My BFF gave me a cooking magazine issue from the Canary Islands. She was on holiday on La Gomera. There are so many nice ideas in the magazine that I will do some of the recipes over the next months. From stews and soups to fish and sweet stuff. Most of the vocabulary I can understand, some of the key ingredients I had to use a translater. I write the translated words beside the recipes, so when these words turn up on an other page, it makes it easier to understand.

recipe for 2 as a starter
2 plaice fillets
2 raw king prawns
1/2 onion in fine cubes
150 ml Court Bouillon or fish stock or veg stock
1 tsp oil
60 g cucumber
4 gherkins
1 tbsp Greek yogurt
1 pinch mild curry powder
salt and pepper
2 slices of Pumpernickel bread or any dark wholemeal bread
1 tbsp chives

Cut off the seam around the plaice fillet and season it with salt and pepper.
Peel the king prawns and take out the intestines.
Chop the onion into fine cubes.
Cut the cucumber into quarters and take out the wet middle bit, chop into fine cubes.
Chop the gherkins into fine cubes and mix with the cucumber.
Mix in yogurt and curry powder and season to taste and set aside.
Use a ring cutter or a glass and make 2 bread discs.

In a pan with a lid, heat up the oil and start with the onions until they get soft, add the Court Bouillon and reduce a bit.
Place the prawns onto the lower bit of the white skin side of the plaice and roll up to the wide side.
Set both into the simmering broth and close the lid. It will take 5 minutes to finish them.
Set the bread into the ring again and add half of the cucumber mix on top, press down with a spoon.
Get the ring off.
Set the Plaice on top and serve with some chopped chives on top.

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