Friday, 17 February 2017

Kale Stew with Bregen Sausage

I have friends in the Northern part of Germany and they all love the winter veg Kale. They buy it in huge bags and need an awful lot of time to prepare it. Everybody is waiting in the fall/autum to the first night of frost, that is the time when the kale can be harvested for the first time. The below zero temperatures make the hearty cabbage edible. Then many restaurants start Kale stew dinners with lots of fat meat and sausages cooked with the kale and many bottles of Schnaps consumed with the dish.

This tradition is not common where I live, so I eat kale stew on rare occations and mostly in the less fatty veriaty. And copius amounts of Schnaps are not drunken either. One of our big supermarket chains offer ready made stews in good quality, one or two servings each, so I bought a package- shaped like a big sausage -- yesterday. I have some Bregen sausage in the freezer, so I thawed some.

I have to say for a ready made stew it was of good quality, a bit on the fatty side. But that's how people eat it. The kale was tasty and not mushy and small chunks of potatoes and a bit of pork rounded the flavour.

The sausage was as fatty as I remembered it and not really to my liking.
I had to drink a Schnaps after lunch!

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