Thursday, 23 February 2017

Red Grapes Sous-Vide

When people hear that someone is cooking sous-vide, the first things they think are meat or fish. That is mostly correct.

But veggies and fruits can be prepared this way too. This method intensifies the original taste of the ingredient and enhances the flavour. With some additions place into the vacuum bag, the fruits get soft ut not mushy and incredible tasting.

We used seedless red grapes, halfed them and placed them into the bag. For 100 g grapes we used 50 ml intense grape juice. That had to be frozen until the juice was nearly solid and added to the grapes with some ground vanilla bean.

The frozen juice wont escape the bag when you seal ti in the vaccum sealer.

Take the water temperature in the sous-vide up to 75 C and place the bags in and let them sit for 20 minutes.
Drain the juice and reduce it down to a fine syrup.
Roast some almond splices and put them on top of the grapes.
It goes very good with different kinds of cheese and fruity Bara Brith . 

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  1. I never had tried this Red Grapes Sous-Vide; However, I have seen the recipe of this hsow in different cooking programs on TV. But, your recipe impressed me a lot so, I am thinking to try this