Friday, 21 April 2017

Oven roasted potatoes

Coming home during midweek and being hungry, I´ve looked for something tasty to eat. I had some Nuernberg small sausages and some tomatoes in stock and checked for a side to go with it.
I thought about potato mash but decided against it, then about fries (or chips) but I had not stocked up on frying oil, so I remembered something else.

Crispy potato chunks from the oven seasoned in garlic, herbs and olive oil.
I had some red potatoes from the Alsace region of France in a basket, I peeled them and cut them into small chunks.
In salted water with a bit of baking soda, I cooked them for 5 minutes and started the oven at 180 C fan.
I drained the potatoes and shake them in the pot a couple of times to rougher the surface.

In a pot with seasoned oil I coated the potatoes and spread them on the baking sheet and baked them for 25 minutes. Turn them after 15 min if you want, but I liked them only a bit more crispy on one side.

I prepared the sausages in a pan during the time the potatoes were in the oven and made a little tomato salad.   So good!

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