Saturday, 15 April 2017

Egg variations and herby Frankfurt green sauce

Easter time and especially Good Friday is the time here in Hessian to eat some fresh herbs. These are grown all around here and 7 different ones make the super tasty sauce.
I have written some blog about it, so go and check it out.
Good Friday is a day were no meat is eaten, so eggs are the alterative. Hard boiled ones are eaten with the sauce regularly.
But that is boring!

Preparing 3 different kinds of egg dishes was a challenge, because they need different cooking methods and special timing.

The day before the guests arrive, hardboil some eggs and cool them and peel them.
Use 700 ml beetroot juice, a bit of vinegar, some bay leaves and salt and cook that for 15 minutes and cool it down. Put the peeled eggs in and let them sit until the next day.
Cut them in half and scoop out the egg yolk.

Mix the egg yolk with mustard, Greek yogurt and season it with salt and pepper and some smoked paprika and some chives.
Fill the cream back into the eggs.

The most difficult egg version is Onsen Tamago, the Onsen egg. The method is named after the Japanese hot springs were you can take a bath.
Some of them have a higher temperature so people took some egg with them  and put them into the hot springs and the eggs came out with a super soft yolk.

We used the sous-vide method and after getting very soft egg yolks, they were covered in flour, egg and breadcrumbs, egg and breadcrumbs again and deep fried for 2 minutes. They were still soft inside.

Put the eggs in 67 C water for 50 minutes, then cool them down to firm up and crack them and get the egg out. Push away the runny egg white and drop the yolk into the flour and start the process.

Next fry some quail eggs.

Now your eggs are done and ready to plate up. The herby sauce is eaten with potatoes.

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