Friday, 14 April 2017

Easter Bunnies - no Chocolate

You get chocolate Easter bunnies here in every shop, you will see them on each table.

Make a difference - make chocolate free ones!
Baking bread is a hobby of mine, so baking some cute little bunnies is fun and the method is simple.
Make a bread dough and use a pair of scissors.
They look different this time from the ones I made last year, there are so many versions to try out.
To get a workable dough it is good to prepare it the evening before you bake and just let it proof in the fridge.

450 g flour
50 g chestnut flour
30 g fresh yeast
2 tsp salt
a pinch of sugar
330 ml tepid water

some milk to brush it before you put it into the oven.

Make the dough and knead it for 10 minutes to stretch the gluten - or use you kitchen machine.
Put in a covered bowl and stick it in the fridge over night.
Get it out one hour before you will start to get it back to room temperature.

Flour a surface and use a scale and a knife.

Cut off 10 pieces about 55 g each.
The rest of the dough cut in half to make Mom and Dad bunnies.
Form into little thick sausages and take a scissor and cut into the upper half to make the ears, cut the piece of dough the  in the middle to separate the ears and form them so they stand upright.
Set the bunnies on baking paper and let them rest 20 minutes to proof a little again

Brush them with milk and stick them into the oven at 220 C for 25 minutes, Mom and Dad will need 5 more minutes.

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