Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Nduja Pasta Sauce

I bought some hot and spicy Nduba for my Antipasti platter on Saturday.
It is a really hot kind of cured sausage with lots of hot paprika and chili from Calabria in the south of Italy just across the street of Messina to Sicily.

Since the sausage was hot, my friends only tasted it and I had a good piece of it left over.
I wanted to eat it melted in a sauce so I put it in the pan without any extra oil. The sausage is not so fatty like the Spanish Chorizo, I was surprised. But it is a lot spicier when melted.
I put some homemade defrosted tomato sauce with veggies on top and incorporated the sausage. Wow very spicy.

recipe for 2:
80 g Nduja sausage
200 g pasta
150 g home cooked or ready made pasta sauce
50 g homemade riotta
olive oil
salt and pepper

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