Saturday, 8 April 2017

Sicilian Pesto on Spaghetti

This is the way our Sicilian tour gide makes the pesto. It is made in his family this way for a long time. Important are large ripe tomatoes and the almonds that grow on the island.

An other speciality are the red tinged garlic bulbs, they are not so intense and give a lovely flavour to the pesto. Olive oil and cheese are needed too. Our gide had a wine yard with his brother and he grows olives and makes his own olive oil.

recipe for 2:
250 g spaghetti
50 g unpeeled almonds
50 g pecorinoa 
a hand full of basil
2-5 red garlic cloves
50 - 75 ml olive oil
2 large tomatoes
a bit more cheese

Use a blender and chuck in almonds, cheese, pepper, basil and garlic in and enough oil to make it smooth.
Cook the pasta al dente and keep some of the pasta water.
Mix hot pasta water with some pesto, chop up some fresh tomatoes and bring it together and mix ith with the pasts.
Add some more cheese and enjoy-

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