Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Pork in Aspic on a plate

In German: Tellersülze

It is an almost forgotten dish here in Germany. I can´t remember when I have eaten it the last time.
A two star chef from Bavaria showed how to do it on TV a while ago and since then I wanted to try it.
I had leftover ham knuckle and this meat is ideal for a cold plate like that. I bought a gelatin powder for aspic month ago, it was sitting on my spice rack waiting for the day to come.
It is important to have a good soup base and good vinegar and some pickled veggies like gherkins.
The mix of meat and pickles makes these dish.

500 ml meat stock
50 ml white wine vinegar
2 tbsp gherkin pickling water
1 package of gelatin (optional with spices for aspic)
cooked ham knuckle or any other meat you fancy
some pepper
pickled paprika
hard boiled egg

Dissolve the gelatine in 100 ml stock and let it sit 5 minutes , get the rest of the stock in an gently heat it up- do not boil it!

Add vinegar and pickling liquid and have a taste to check if it is sour and tasty.
Use two deep soup plates and pour a little into both to make a mirror on the bottom. Let it sit in the fridge until solid.
Cut your meat and the pickles and the egg and place them on top of the aspic. Make it look nice.
Pour the rest of the stock on top, make sure everything is covered and let it get solid again.
This is a way of making things last longer.
Best eat this with hash browns and some remoulade sauce.

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