Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Pork Loin Sous-Vide

For Christmas some new kitchen gadgets found the way into my home. Today I have time to figure out the technology. And time is the mayor factor when cooking Sous-Vide.

Before you can start to cook, you have to get the goods into bags and put them into a Vacuum Sealer.
That was one of the new gadgets together with a box full of bags.
It took me two rounds before I had the handling down.

Then comes the Sous-Vide stick, together with a big pot.
The pot is also good for a large party, I can put it on the Induction hob and make batches of Chili con Carne or Soups.
The method is easy, just fill the pot with warm water to the max of the stick, dial the temperature you want to cook with and press start. When the water has reached the point then put in the veg or meat. Veggies need a higher temperature to get done, so do them first, then scoop out some hot water and pour in cold, reduce the temperature and put the bag with the meat in.

At 80 C I had a package of celery with some knob of butter and salt and pepper in the vacuum seal bag and it was in the hot water for 50 minutes. Then I scooped it out of the bag with the buttery liquid and put it into an ovenproof dish with goat cream cheese and some Pecornino I chucked it into the oven for 12 minutes.

Great is that you have free space on your hob to cook other things, because you can put the pot with the stick near any electric outlet. Just make sure, it is on a heatproof surface.

500 g pork loin
1 tbsp butter
1 tsp Herbes de Provence
salt and pepper

400 g celery sticks
1 tbsp butter
salt and pepper
30 g Pecorino
30 g fresh Goat cream cheese 

Get some of the hot water out of the pot and pour in some cold and reduce the heat to 60 C, put in the bagged meat with the butter and spices for 50 minutes.
Get a pan on the hob and on high heat brown the meat on all sides.

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