Thursday, 26 January 2017

Using Pulled Pork two ways

Sometimes you get very good precooked pulled pork with gravy here in our local supermarket and the portions are relatively small to get used up in a short time.
Just stick it into the oven for 30 minutes and it warms through all the way.
Great to cook with one hand!


I love open faced sandwiches and a good soup, so I made both dishes and had meals to go to on lunch today and now dinner.

I bit more seasoning is good to get a more powerful flavour and on a sandwich some mayo is a  an extra topping. The mayo is Kewpie - a Japanese mayo, very delicious.


A bowl of soup on a cold night is great, Instant Ramen is not something I usually eat, but someone gave me a package of noodles with vegetable stock and I thought, why not. A lot of soft leaves of lambs lettuce and some spring onion greens mixed with a good amount of pulled pork was a great combo.

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