Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Tofu - Homemade

The newest hype on the internet are Tofu making videos.
One of the key ingredients is a magnesium chloride or calcium chloride to thicken the soy milk. It is not an ingredients you get in every supermarket, but since I am making real cheeses for a while now, I store a bottle of calcium chloride in my fridge.
The only thing I missed was a bag of dried soy beans.  Easy peasy, I have a huge organic supermarket not so far away, where I buy often purslane during this time of year to make my green smoothies.

Did I mention that I hate TOFU ?

125 g dried soy beans soaked in 3 cups cold water for 12 hours
1 tsp calcium chloride
2 tsp water
boiling water from a kettle
1 cheese cloth 

Drain the soaked beans and get a big blender ready and a kettle full of boiling water.
Scoop a cup of beans into the blender and 2 cups of hot water and blitz for a good couple of seconds (I need 14 sec at Speed 8 in my Thermomix).
Pour into a high wide pot, and repeat until all beans are blitzed.
On medium heat start to heat the soy and with a silicon spatula stir figure 8  constantly in the pot for 10 minutes.
Watch it like a hawk, it will either stick to the bottom or boil over in an instant!

Use a double cheese cloth or cotton towl and place it over a big colander over a big bowl and pour the hot liquid in.

Squeeze all the soy milk out - and don´t burn your fingers!
Clean the cheese cloth from the bean parts, you will need it later.

Mix water and calcium chloride and pour it into the soy milk to curdle. Let it sit in the cold for a while, then use the cleaned cheese cloth and over a colander pour the liquid in and press.
You can use a fancy Japanese wooden box with a weight on top, or as I did, just your hands.
Get the water out. What you are left with is bean curd or TOFU.

 It is tasty with a light bean flavour and stays in the soup without dissolving in the soup. I will definitely make it again.

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