Friday, 24 June 2016

Asparagus Mango Salmon Salad

Today is St. John´s Day and the day of the Brexit!
The world is changing!

St.John´s Day is here in Germany the day when the asparagus is sold for the last time. I bought some for the weekend to celebrate that.

Since we have tropical 35 C today and a storm is brewing I made a salad.

recipe for 2:
1 ripe Mango
300 g white asparagus
125 g graved salmon
a bunch of dill

sweet mustard, dried salad herbs and 1 tbsp orange juice
1 tbsp marmelade, 2 tbsp walnut oil, 1 tbsp cider vinegar, salt and pepper

Peel and cut the mango into bite size pieces, chop the dill.
Peel the asparagus and cook it in salted, sugared and buttered water for 5 minutes, drain and let it cool
When you buy graved salmon it comes with a small package of dressing, otherwise use the upper one. Dress the salmon.
Make the dressing for the salad, and get everything together.

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