Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Beating the rain with food

The weather here is on the rainy side today. With the right amount of closing, walking about  5 k through a city is not too bad. Especially when you can make use of the many great cafes that are scattered all around the city.

On the way up to the big church is a lovely little place called MOKKA Kaffi. It´ s interior is made with very dark wood and it has a cozy atmosphere. I had a wonderful fresh baked waffle with cream and jam and a latte. Very satisfying. Going out into the cold drizzle wasn´t a hassle afterwards.

Tokyo sushi is a place to get the good stuff for a reasonable price.
But they deliver and the different menus are sold in the local supermarkets too. The soy sauce is a bit on the thin side, but that is no difference to the little plastic fishis, they place the soy sauce in with our meals at home.

Food home cooked is a better option, but you have to work with what you get. Since I was in downtown on foot, supermarkets are bit scarce. There is one basic BONUS store that sells all kinds of basic food stuff, but fish is not really something to get there. The only fish product was the FISKIBOLLUR. Well, these are precooked microwaveable fish patties, with about 44 % of fish. You see these packages in every supermarket, small or large.

Making a creamy mushroom rice dish was the main course, I tried some of the fish patties with it, but actually, after one of these three I had nuked in the microwave, I decided to eat just the mushroom rice. The patties went into the bin. They tasted of salted or dried fish, but looked as if they were made out of some kind of mash. Reading the ingredients listed didn´t help a bit, since I don`t understand Icelandic. 

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