Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Food you can find on a road trip

I am driving today a part of the famous Golden Circle of Iceland. My first stop after a 90 minutes was the Geysir Center. After inhaling the sulfur and seeing the Geysir and the hot springs I felt a little hungry.

The Center there has a huge cafeteria, I was actually surprised when I walked through it to find one of Icelands most classic dishes here. No, not chips /fries and chicken nuggets or Pyslur, but a huge hot pot of Traditional Lamb Soup or  Kjötsúpa.

And it was goood!
It had just the usual ingredients, it was a thick but clear broth that tasted amazing. Lamb was cooked probably on the bone with carrots, onions and the white of some leeks, bay leaves and salt and pepper. Later it was degreased and the meat pulled apart into good chunks.
That was a soup to take a bath in!

Then I stopped at the Gulfoss waterfalls. Impressive, but their cafe was overrun by hungry bus tourists, so I just had to sight see.

Iceland is the well known place for using Geo thermal waters from their volcanic sites. Not only for making electricity or having thermal bathes like the Blue Lagoon, but using the heat and the hot water for farming. And they farm an abundance of tomatoes. I was visiting a familiy owned business, Fridheimar. This is really Eco friendly, the tomatoes are picked early in the morning, brought to the shops and probably sold the same day and eventually eaten even that day. The crop grows all year round, so even in the darkness of the winter month, the farmers are able to grow.

In the cafe at the farm I sat in front of rows and rows of tomato plants and that made a special ambiente to the place. Very friendly staff and lots of information about how they work.

And wonderful food and drinks.
A bloody Mary is well known to everybody, but since I came on my own by car, alcohol was no option.
So I had a Healthy Mary. Absolutely delishous.
Green tomato with lime and fresh grated ginger and some honey, filled up with sparkling water and some ice cubes. Served with a stick of cucumber.

And a wheat tortilla topped with rich tomato sauce, fresh tomatos and lots of good cheese.

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