Sunday, 1 May 2016

Sweet Potato Poppy Seed Bread

It is Sunday and we are baking again. Bread of the week or of the month.

This is a light yellow coloured bread and looks nice with all the poppy seed flecks in. It goes great with any kind of cheese cream or just to nibble at with a Glass of wine.
We served it with some Liptauer Cheese and May Wine flavoured with woodruff.

The best way to get a great texture is to make the dough the night before and let the yeast work in the cold of the fridge.

700 g wheat flour Type 550
300 g spelt flour Type 630
150 peeled, cooked and mashed sweet potato
16 g fresh yeast
21 g salt
550 g cold water
20 ml poppy seed oil   - more to brush
20 g blue poppy seeds  - more on top

Mix all the ingredients except the salt and the  oil for 15 minutes slowly, then add the salt and the oil and mix quicker until the dough gets off the sides of the bowl and you have a smooth surface. Let it rest in the fridge covered over night.
Get it out of the fridge and make 3 dough balls and let them rest 30 minutes. Make them into flat rounds and  smear some poppy seed oil on top and sprinkle some seeds too. Roll them into Baguette shapes and let them rest 30 min. under a kitchen towel.
Make some cuts into the top and brush with oil again.

Bake at 230 C for 10 min, with some water underneath, then open the door and let the steam escape and take the temp down to 210 and bake for 20 more min.
When they sound hollow on the bottom, they are done.

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