Thursday, 12 May 2016

Lamb steaks with veggies

A fast food for a long friday at work. These are days when I sometimes think -why not a ready made dinner or some Take out. But here in the area, Take out means you have to pay more for a single portion to deliver and I am not a huge fan of that. That is mostly the reason to take a pan out of the cupboard and check the contents of the fridge and veggie drawer.

The last time I was grocery shopping I found some organic lamb, grown in this area. It looked like nice lamb steaks, but were small chuncks of meat. The best to do with it is not to do to much with it.
I have some coarse Ras al Hanut seasoning, some decent 7pepper mix and some salt and that basically was everything I did with it before chucking it into a pan.
As a veggie I used a bunch of spring onions- they had seen better days- and one organic Kohlrabi. I love to eat that raw, so I had to watch myself not nibbling to much of it while preparing it for the pan.

a decent size Kohlrabi
5 spring onions
lots of garlic, some for the pan with the lamb
fresh oregano, tarragon, thyme
some olive oil
200 g of lamb steaks
raz al hanut seasoning
salt and pepper

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