Monday, 30 May 2016

Eating in and out in Reykjavik

My morning started with Herring in ubersweet tomato sauce and onions on toast. A really good way to start the day, but a bit too sweet for my usual taste. But I am open to so many things and the quality of the Herring was very good. I would eat that again, even when a portion of 65 g covers 18 % of your daily intake of sugars!

At noon I was to busy to go to a proper lunch or cook something, I had an appointment with a Segway Tour Operator to go on a trip. So Fast Food it was.
The most favourite here is called Pylsur. It is a Hot Dog. And everybody loves them here.
With fried onions, hot mustard and hot mayo a good snack to go.

Later after the trip, I cooked a pasta dish at home, using some of my leftover meatballs for the tomato and cream sauce. Delish and just a pinch of the price I would have payed here for a plate of spag bol.

And since we have a wonderful cloudless blue sky today with mild temperatures for Iceland, I went to the best ice cream shop in Town. It was a recommendation from the owners of the place where I am staying. And only 5 minutes to walk!  Valdis is the name of the place and yesterday on a Sunday the place was jam packed with people, even it was a grey and windy day. Monday afternoon in the bright sun is a lot better to go there. When you walk in to the shop, take a number and let the colours of the different ice creams make an impression. It will take a bit time until you can order, but you will need that time to know what to choose. The ice cream is a treat.

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