Saturday, 7 May 2016

Rhubarb Tarte Tartin with Pistacchio ice cream

A good meal needs a dessert to swoon over. This is the part of the dinner or lunch you wont forget so easy. And there is always room for some dessert after every meal.
But this Rhubarb Tarte Tatin could be served at a 5 o´clock tea time, it would be the star of the show.

200 g flour
100 g butter
50 g sugar
1/2 grated Tonka bean
3 tbsp cold water

bring that together without to much kneading and wrap it in cling film and store it in the fridge for an hour.
make the caramel with
150 g sugar
35 g butter
when golden brown add
200 g peeled and into 4 cm pieces sliced rhubarb
put the rolled out dough on top and tuck the sides in.

bake it at 200 C for 30-35 minutes and the let it rest for 8 minutes before you put a plate on top and turn it.

The caramel is very hot, so be careful
Pistacchio ice cream
200 ml double cream
200 ml milk
80 g runny honey
3 eggs
60 g pistacchios

In a pot heat up the milk, cream and honey short before boiling.
In a second pot bring water to a boil and place an heat proof bowl on top, add the eggs and beat in the hot milk mixture. Use a hand held kitchen machine and beat the mix until it thickend.
Add the pistacchios and use a stick blender to make that smooth.
Place in the fridge for one hour, then pour it through a sieve to get the nuts out and put it into an ice cream maker or freeze it in some containers. Sieving the nuts out makes a creamier ice.

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