Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Focaccia bread

A soft bread with a nice crust is these type of bread. It needs a night to prove to get this wonderful big bubbles inside. You press on the outside and the bread springs back. It is not rolled out with a rolling pin, but you just push it out with your hands. That way it keeps all the air in.

You can either make some indentations with your fingertips or you use some prickly rolling device to make little holes into the dough. Before the bread is baked in the oven, give it a good brush with olive oil or other oil. I used the tomato oil in which the sundried tomatoes were stored in. A bit of rosemary and fresh thyme are imortant.

480 g OO flour
20 g rye flour
15 g fresh yeast
15 g oil
10 g baking malt
1 tsp salt
360 ml water
some tasty oil and rosemary and thyme as topping

Bring the ingredients together and mix them slowly for 8 min, then quick for 8 more minutes.
Prove it minimum 60 minutes- or best over night.
Bake at  220 C for 20 min.

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