Thursday, 5 May 2016

Carrot Almond Ginger Bread - Rüblibrot

There are so many wonderful recipes for making an awesome bread on the market, that it takes a lifetime to bake all of them. To decide what to bake the next time is not getting any easier.
It was a holiday here in Germany today, Ascension of Christ and Father`s Day, so a plate like that is nice as a treat on the road.

This bread has grated carrots in, so shaping it as a carrot makes it fun. The more you bake, less trouble you`ll have.

100 g carrots grated
75 g chopped almonds
10 g grated ginger
700 g bread flour
300 g spelt flour type 630
19 g salt
14 g fresh yeast
560 g cold water

get the ingredients except the salt and the upper 3 into a kitchen machine and slowly combine them for 5 minutes, add the rest and speed up until all the dough has loosened from the sides of the bowl.
Let it rest for 30 min - you can keep them in the fridge over night to prove.

Make 4 dough balls at 250 g each and let them rest. Form carrots like breads and let them rise under a towel for 30 minutes, then make some "Carrot Greens" with a knife and get the bread into the oven, with a bowl of water underneath. Bake 230 C 10 min, get the water out and bake 210 C for 20 min, use a brush with some oil while you opened up to let the steam escape and oil the breads.

A tuna cream goes great with it, so as a starter to a meal with a glas of wine, that is a perfect dish.

Tuna cream
1 small can of tuna, drained
1/2 small onion sweated off in some oil
50 g cream cheese
50 g creme fraiche
piment d´espelette
smoked paprika
salt and pepper

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