Thursday, 26 May 2016

South Tyrolian Bread from Vinschgau with Cheese salad

We have a holiday today, Corpus Christi. So I am off work and into cooking today.
The area where the recipes are from, is in the North of Italy near the Austrian boarder, called South Tyrol or Alto Adige.

The day started with baking some bread and making a cheese salad as a starter to a whole meal dedicated to that area. Which is famous for their Speck, Apples, Wine and Cheese and lots more.

In the beginning for this bread is the spice blend, that gives an intense flavour to the Vinschgau bread.
The smell is anaseedic.
You have to dryroast  the spices first, the put them into a spice grinder and make a fine powder.
But not only for bread is the use of it, it tastes amazing in risottos or on pasta.

recipe for the spice blend:
1/2 tsp each of caraway seeds, coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds, anis seeds, fennel seeds

Put that into a dry pan and roast it. Make a fine powder and store in a jar what you don´t need for the bread.

recipe for the bread:
350 g plain flour
150 g rye flour
2  tbsp plain jogurt
1 tsp honey
10 g fresh yeast
10 g salt
15 g spice blend
240 ml water

Mix it with a dough hook and let it proof 90 minutes or over night. Then either make a whole loaf and bake it as it is, rubbed with some rye flour over the top.
Or made into 80 g dough balls, 2 of them sitting together for the second proofing and with the rye flour on to too. Pinch some holes into them.

Bake the rolls/bread at 230 C for 15 min with some water, get the water out and reduce the heat to 200 C and bake 20 more min.
The bread needs to bake 45 min  at 200 C

recipe for the cheese salad:
250 g Harzer cheese or sourmilk cheese or original Graukäse
100 g sharp mountain cheese
2 tbsp chives
2 tbsp rapeseed oil
1 tbsp white wine vinegar
100 g raddises in thin slices

Cut the cheeses into fine dices and add the other ingredients and let the cheese sit outside the fridge for 2 hours minimum.

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