Sunday, 29 May 2016

Tasting food in Iceland

I started a week long vacation in the nice city of Reykjavik in Iceland yesterday.

I am living in a rented apartment close to the old harbour with many restaurants, bars and cafes around. I came in a bit late last night, but the crowds were still milling around and the restaurants were busy. Just around the block I found the "Reykjavik Fish" , a Fish and Chips Restaurant with a good many people sitting and eating.

You walk in to the counter, order your meal and beer and pay and take the beverage and a number and look for an empty space to sit. Even with the big crowd, it didn´t take long for the food to arrive.
Pollok in a light batter, moist and flakey fish and very good chips. Served with Tartar sauce.

A great way to arrive in a new city.

Today, I walked through  City Center and thought, here is one cafe beside an other. You could visit each one, but you have to stay many weeks. And they have fabolous cakes and sweet treats. I couldn`t walk away from a slice crumbly cake filled with caramel, a real treat.

Later, I went grocery shopping in a local Super center. It took double the time as usually at home, because the Icelandic language is very special and you need a lot of time to figure out, what you have in your hand and what you are looking for. That is an experience, and sometimes quite funny.
50 % of all the sweet stuff has some licorice in it, so if you don´t like that black stuff, looking out for the word LAKKRIS is important.
However I like it, so that´s ok.

But I found something else. A coconut covered sweet foamy filled something. Delightful!

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