Wednesday, 4 May 2016

May Wine flavoured with Woodruff

May wine flavoured with woodruff.

Sweet Potato Poppy Seed Bread and Liptauer Cheese

This is a tradition here in Germany and the last couple of years you can buy a bundle of fresh woodruff on markets.
I kept picking it in the forest nearby myself, but this year I found a potted one at a garden center and have it now on by balcony. When the woodruff goes back into the ground in June, I will plant it outside in the small garden and hopefully will have some the next couple of years.

I use french Cidre as a base, but here most people use a medium dry white wine. You pick the green stems and let them sit for about an hour on the table, just clap them once, them put them in the wine to flavour it for a couple of hours.
The plant contains Cumarin- that is poisonous in huge amounts.

People often warn you not to drink to much May wine, because of the heavy headache the next morning, but that is usually the copious amount of tasty wine consumed and not the little bit of Cumarin in the drink!  

I love to have the taste of woodruff in combination with strawberries and some lemon.

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