Monday, 2 May 2016

Salted Caramel Mousse au Chocolat

I needed a dessert for 1. of May Sunday lunch with friends. The main problem is the transport of 25km. All things sloshi are a problem. I solved it with a Mousse au Chocolat. It stays in the jar without making a mess in the car.

Caramel Sauce and choc nips on top

I haven`t made Mousse in a long time. It was a favourite for many years, but went into onto the shelf.

I saw a video on YT, I am a subscriber of Cupcake Jemma and I love her baking videos. I will never be able to bake in the way she does, but I love to see the videos. When I saw the Mousse, I though why not. I love salted Caramell since I was in the Bretagne in France and drove along the whole coastline. They are famous for their salted caramell and I bought a couple of jars. But they were gone at some point and I checked my French Gourmand magazine issue and found a recipe. Since then, I make the salted caramell my self.

recipe for the salted caramell for 6 jars:
100 g sugar
60g cold diced butter
200 g double cream
1 good pinch of fleur de sel
Melt the sugar until it gets caramell coloured, add the butter cubes and melt them. Pour the cream in and add the salt.
Pour 120 g of the caramell in a seperate pot.
Pour 2 tbsp  of caramell in each jar and place it in the fridge to set.

recipe for the Mousse:
120 g 52 % chocolate
3 egg yolks L
100 g soft beaten double cream   ( this is my take on the recipe, it makes the mousse a bit lighter)
3 egg whites super stiff peaks ( use some lemon juice to clean the bowl and the machine)
Use the 120 g caramell and heat it up a bit, melt the chocolate in it.
When the choc is melted, get it off the heat and beat 3 egg yolks. Pour them into the choc.
Add the beaten cream and then the stiff egg white in 3 phases.

You can add a bit of fruit and a splash of caramell before serving.

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