Friday, 10 June 2016

Asparagus filled Pasta with Mint and Butter Sauce

It is still Asparagus time here and I was looking for something to go with pasta. So why not fill pasta with the stuff, I thought.
I had a similar dish like that a couple of years ago in Monouth, Wales and I was impressed. The combination with the mint butter made is quiet special.

Cook the green asparagus until a bit softened, use 100 g of it to mix it with some cream cheese and herbs and eggyolk and fill it into pasta sheets. This time I bought fresh pasta dough, with a kitchen not really back to working order, I have not the nerve and the space to fiddle with that.

300 g fresh pasta dough

300 g green asparagus
5 stalks fresh dill
125 g creme cheese
125 g curd
1 egg yolk
1 egg white
salt pepper
some lemon peel
1/2  tsp dried chervil
1 pinch of Sumac
2 tbsp mint leaves
3 tbsp butter
semolina for the board

Cook the asparagus in salted, sweetened and buttered water. Let it cool down, when it is al dente.
Mix cream cheese, curd, egg yolk, dill, lemon peel, dried chervil, Sumac and salt and pepper and chop 100 g of the asparagus stalks pretty fine. Add to the mix and let that set in the fridge for an hour.

Use a 10 cm ring cutter and cut pasta rings, brush them with egg white so they don´t dry out and stick better when you fill them.
Use a small spoon and get some filling onto the pasta. Less Is More! Close them and store them on a board with semonlina, so they do not stick together.

In salted boiling water cook the pasta crescents for 3 minutes and drain them.

In a big pan melt the butter and add the chopped mint to it. Coat the pasta and serve with the leftover asparagus.

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