Friday, 3 June 2016

The last food on the trip in Iceland

I was in one of the public swimming pools in Reykjavik this morning. They are scattered all over the city and in the cold weather, in winter or in summer outdoor pool activity is a must. The water in the 25 m basin has comfortable 27 C, but I didn`t come for that, but the hot pools that surround the place. They have 36-38 C, 39- 41 C and 42-44 C. The last thing had me just dipping my toe in and that was to hot for me.
After that experience I dropped buy the local supermarket next door and bought a salmon steak for lunch today. Great quality and not so expensive. With some cocktail tomatoes and rice it was a complete meal.

Since that day is my last here in Iceland and I have to leave for the airport at 4 AM, I just had my "Last Supper" at the Reykjavik Fish Restaurant again.
And in Britain is national Fish&Chips day, so I new what to eat.

Since fish needs to swim, I had a local beer.

That concludes my journey and my food blogging from Iceland.

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