Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Sweet Potato Toasts

This is a hip dish that popped up on  the social medias a couple of weeks ago. I found it on Pinterest and thought about doing it this weekend. But I only found very small sweet potatoes,  not the size necsessary for my purpose.
I was lucky today at my local store and bought a huge one. It is a bit difficult to make 1 cm slices with such a bit veg, but I managed.

Pop them into the toaster on high heat and toast them twice, they will loose the raw taste then. If you cut them unregular and a side is on the smaller kind you will probably burn this side a bit. But that is ok and you can cut that off a bit.

The toasted sweet potato goes well with butter, salt and pepper. Even better when you put a fried egg with some sriracha sauce on top. You have all kinds different possibilities.

a fried egg with sriracha

cream cheese with chives

sauage and red pepper salad

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