Friday, 2 December 2016

Swede and purple Carrot Soup topped with Bacon

I was hungry and it was cold and I took a good look into the veggie drawer of my fridge. I had a couple of leftover veggies from my Japanese Curry.

I found a 3/4 of a huge swede, 2 purple carrots and half a package of mange touts. Looking up I found a package of smokey bacon bits and turning around some spring onions. The soup was on its way.

The best way to a fast soup was just peeling the veggies, just chopping the swede in big chunks and breaking the carrot apart, I chucked them with the mange touts into my cooker and blended them to medium bits. Just added water and soup stock cube and some seasoning and then cooked it for 12 minutes and gave it a second blitz.
In a small pan I browned the bacon and added the spring onions.

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