Monday, 3 October 2016

Japanese Food

I wanted to visit Japan for a long time and now I am finally here.
One of the reasons is the culture, the other is the food. I love to cook Japanese food and now I am looking forward to taste the real food here.

Tokyo is well known for good restaurants, but on a group tour there will not be much free time to explore that. But the abundance of Ramen Soup shops, Udon Noodle shops and other "fast food" is fascinating me too.
I make my own bento boxes for lunch some time, so looking for inspiration is important. And some kitchen gadgets to make preparing Japanese food easier are going into my suitcase too.
I hope we will have time to check out some local markets to see what people here buy on their daily basis.
The dinner of my first night was a Japanese style chicken jambalaya. Very tasty.

Lets see what the next days will bring foodwise.

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