Thursday, 13 October 2016

So much interesting food in Japan

Going on holiday in a country that is far off your usual comfort zone is exciting. When taking an organized tour, make sure you have enough time to explore on your own.

I´ m cooking Japanese dishes for a while now and was very interested how they tasted at their origin.
The last night before leaving Odaiba Tokyio for a new destination, we went with a couple of our group to a typical Japanese institution: an Izakaya.

Enoki Mushrooms with Beef on Cabbage
Chickenbits filled with cheese

This is a combination of bar with a variety of food on small plates to share with your mates. To westernize it, I would call it "Tapas". You sit either around the bar or in smaller or larger compartments. You see so many office workers letting their hair down after work.
It is common to leave after 2 hours, then go to a new place or go home.

We  had a huge variety of plates, even pizza, food on sticks, fish and meat and plates with rice and noodles.
Soba Noodles

The last night in Kyoto we went to an Izakaya again. This was even better, we sat on low seats around a low table, we had our feet hanging in a hole beneath the table.

A good bottle of Sake was the final order of that night.

300 ml of good quality Sake

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