Sunday, 28 May 2017

Eating out in my neighbourhood - Greek Style

I live in this neighbourhood for 18 years now and drive by this restaurant more or less 5 or 6 times a week. I never went inside until yesterday evening. It is a Greek Restaurant.
A good friend who lives here too found out a while ago that I never was inside that place. She loves the place and  goes there often with family and friends. We decided to go there together.

It filled up very fast,  it was a good idea to make a reservation.

I love to start a meal with an appetizer. The famous Greek Tsaziki is something I always fall back to when I am in a Greek restaurant when they serve no starter platter.  It was a huge portion with fresh bread, way too much for one at the beginning of a meal. The decoration on top was not so Greek more German. It tastes good, it was very fluffy but way to much.
Next came a mixed side salad. The fresh mint as the sole herb in the otherwise bland dressing did not really go well with some of the ingredients.

My main dish was Gryos with Metaxa and Cheese Sauce and french fries. The fries were excellent.
I did not taste any Metaxa, the cheese just covered everything. The Gyros war very tough and overcooked, then stuck in the cheese sauce. I found some undercooked unseasoned courgette pieces between the meat and a couple of button mushrooms.

I was dissapointed  but the evening endet good. We went to our local icecream parlor and bought us some ice cream and went to my friends terrace and enjoyed ice cream and a refreshing drink with cranberry juice, tonic and lots of fresh Moroccan mint.

I will drive by the restaurant again.

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  1. Good food with eye-catching presentation! Greek food has a very different and delicious taste. This seems like a good restaurant to enjoy Greek style food.