Friday, 18 November 2016

Bread Baking Seminar

At our company you do some kind of Christmas event with your department. So many years we went somewhere to eat and drink and that was it. After a couple of years the number of participants dwindled a lot and only a few went out in December together.

So last year in February we talked about the next Christmas event and everyone moaned. We came up with a solution and decided to get rid of the December stress and go for a earlier event- and  not just sit around and eat and drink. We collected several ideas and went on a Segway tour in a mountain area and that was fun!
So this February we started to collect ideas for 2016. Someone came up with the idea of baking artisan bread at an artisan bakery not so far away from our office so that everyone who wanted to take part had a chance to do it.
Today was the day.

It showed even me some tricks and I was so excited to have my bread out of the oven and in the car. But on the way home at Friday rush hour and backed up Autobahns it was a torture just to have that lovely warm sourdoughy smell wafting through the car for an hour.

It is a rye bread dough with a cooked rye starter and some fresh yeast and it took a while to be kneaded in the machine and rested.

Then we all had the chance to form our on piece of bread and make a sign on it, so we could identify it later. It rested a while after that and was baked for 70 minutes. We all waited a bit unpatient for the oven door to open.

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