Sunday, 25 February 2018

A great birthday dinner at a friends house

Being together with friends who love to cook as much as I do and who loves to travel as well is always fun.
There are so many adventures to talk about, so much food to notice and recipes to exchange. It is a lively round to sit in and enjoy your time.

My friend served dinner for 6 and it was so tasty and rich. She just has one slight problem. Her parents do not eat lamb meat, but she does love it.

We both love Ireland and been there together, she was there a couple of times alone and last year with her new hubby. Irish stew is a dish she loves very much and often serves it when many people are coming together. She wanted to have it as the main course for her dinner and told me to just talk about beef stew.  She told her parents that she is preparing the German classic Pichelsteiner. Beef stew with lots of veggies.

As a starter she served toast with a smoked salmon and dill cream. The base was cream cheese.

The Irish Stew came next and was loudly applauded from all- even her parents. Later she told them that they had lamb instead of beef. Her dad was surprised but happy, that it wasn´t goat meat.

The dessert was a heavy kind of layered sweet. We have a company not very far, that are famous producers of Schokoküsse. Waffle based chocolate covered fluffy marshmallow style sweets. Like Dickmann´s you can get everywhere here. But they have a huge variety and taste even better.
She started the layered dessert with crushed shortbread and added homemade chunky applesauce.
That was topped with a cream of yogurt and 12 chocolate goodies. So each of us got two.

We had a wonderful time and enjoyed a glass of Irish Whiskey at the end.

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