Monday, 12 February 2018

German Donuts during Carnival time


This is one of the calls you will hear during this couple of days starting last Thursday and ending in the night to Ash Wednesday. Then the time of lent starts or the fasting time until easter. In the last weeks before all the bakeries sell copius amounts of Krebbel, Krapfen or German Donuts. The rich yeasty dough is usually only filled with raspberry jam or plum jam and dusted in sugar.
These ones you can get now all year round.

In the 2 weeks until Ash Wednesday the donuts start to take on colours and flavours. It started several years ago just with some filled with Nutella or Vanilla Custard. Then the bakeries got more creative and sold the alcoholic ones, like Bailey´s or Advoocat egg liqueur.

Today I found one Strawberry Lime, filled with strawberry mousse and a harlequin one filled with fruit and custard. I saw some that were covered in Smurf blue icing and filled with vodka lemon cream. Not something I like in a donut, so no thanks.

I am looking forward to the time when the bakeries sell the boring sugar covered raspberry filled ones again.

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